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At the iLab we think Social Innovation is the future. Whether it’s supporting the public sector to do things differently or supporting people from outside of the public sector to address a social challenge, we support teams to undertake design challenges which help to make the world a better place. At the iLab we have the following set of priorities for innovation:

  • Helping older people to live well
  • Helping people with long-term health conditions to live well
  • Improving the health and wellbeing of the general population
  • Supporting young people to succeed and find employment
  • Developing volunteering to support and improve communities
  • Helping unemployed people improve their skills and get back to work
  • Using digital technology to get people involved in social action
  • Reducing the impact of human beings on the natural environment

Have you got an idea that could make the world a better place? We’d love to hear from you.