A Week of Inspiration – #GetiLabInspired

We love talking about social design in our iLab inspiration sessions – we call it #LabBlab. The 1st August 2016 marked the first day of our week of inspiration. Each day we tweeted one of our favourite sources of design inspiration; sharing the links which have provided us with the greatest depth of conversation over the past year of inspiration sessions. If you missed the tweets though there’s no need to worry, we’ve pulled them together in one convenient list for you – so grab a coffee, sit back, join in the #LabBlab and #GetiLabInspired with us.

Day 1 – When technology becomes an uninvited guest

Inspiration Sessions - The uninvited guests

Day 2 – Simon Sinek explains it’s about why you do it, not what you do

Inspiration Sessions - How great leaders inspire action

Day 3 – Soap + Matches + Candle + String + Container = Tippy Tap

Inspiration Sessions - Tippy Tap

Day 4 – Neil Harbisson is a cyborg who listens to colour

Inspiration Sessions - I Hear in Colour

Day 5 – Shawn Achor tells his sister “I think you might be a unicorn”

Inspiration Sessions - The happy secret to better work

Day 6 – Pete Smart tried to solve 50 problems in 50 days

Inspiration Sessions - 50 problems in 50 days

Day 7 – Be someone’s eyes. Download the app

Inspiration Sessions - Be my eyes

Day 7 – Last day bonus inspiration – Massoud Hassani uses Kickstarter to help him save lives: Mine Kafon

Inspiration Sessions - MineKafon


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